Monday, June 9, 2008

Where to get the traffic?

Traffic was my focus for past week or so, and since I am very new to SEO, the only way I can get traffic is promoting through forums and classified ads. So where do I get thousands of hits?

Mastering Craigslist gave me at least 7,000 hits within a week, just post ads across the popular cities, two to three cities everyday, my next blog will be revealing how I optimized craiglist.

Ebay's forum gave me 500 hits with 1 single post, just blend your link with a topic, bump it once or twice until everyone in the community goes to the link, then you can start posting that in another section that's related.

If you have a blog, post your political opinion about obama and get on top of the obama blog's comment, you'll receive about 100 hits per post, make sure express your opinion about obama while you do the commenting.

Digg gave me around 100 hits with 1 single post, which is kind of surprising because I've never even know that site until recently.
On my post "where to get foreign traffic" I'll explain how to get traffic from kajiji and gumtree. if you play MMORPG or wants to write an article about it, put your signature on forum will generate around 1000 hits easily if your article is about gaming, it is that popular

Google groups, for anything thats related to your site, you can get around 50 to 60 hits per post in a group.

Yahoo Answers and Live Answers, ask a ethical question with your site's link and you'll get around 100 hits per day for 3 days.

Digitalpoint forum, I haven’t really tried to post links there yet but I've always browsing their sites to see which one gives good ad management, so i am guessing it’s a good place to get hits.

Myspace classified ads as well as myspace forums, post a picture with your link attached to it will get you around 500 hits, when its done restart and do it again, there is also ways of engaging conversation in chatrooms and post your link, but thats too much effort.

I have a lot of other places to post because those are my expertise, such as forum or forum, but i am pretty sure you belong to a community forum as well, and posting there will get you bunch of hits without getting removed.

well, that's my first step of generating traffic, next step is learning SEO, leave a comment if you find this post useful =)

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Ajith Prasad Edassery said...

DP forums is my favorite place. And you are right, I get some traffic from forums as well.


huoyangao said...

on eBay do you think it is better to target Discussion Boards or the Groups?

If you take a glance of my site,
maybe you can suggest some place
where I should target? Thanks.

Hisham said...

Very nice article, thanks for sharing this information!!

Nyceane said...

I targetted the discussion board, because when post dies down in one catagory you can switch to another.

Anonymous said...

I do a lot of gaming editorials among other things. I have used,, and a couple others. Planting your editorials in popular guilds can give your articles a viral nature.

I usually surf the DP forums as well, depending on what I write about can give me a lot of traffic in it's own right.

Anonymous said...

[edit] that should read, oops. :)

Mikey said...

Dude, your tips saved me on this month's mortgage payment. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

Sounds like a lot of spamming of your site...

I think you are on to something... but in order to keep the traffic flowing you need to have original easy to use content that will bring people back. Very important step.