Monday, August 18, 2008

PR and SEO trials and errors

I havn't updated my blog for a while for 2 reasons.

1st I am trying to test out this ranking thing, I am trying to see how google ranking works. As you can see I already have a PR3 site and I barely did anything. So I guess its not really rocket science to increase your PR.

There are a lot of trial and errors, but on there is no on their comment pages, and some of those pages are over PR3 and PR4, all I did was write a comment about it and put my website next to my name as a sig...



are two examples of digg pages thats rank 3 and 4. Don't do it too often, I got my account disabled for putting my sig into too many pages.

There are also a lot of open source wikipedia clones all over the net that has pretty high page rank, like, its pretty easy just post your website in a good PR article because its not very regulated.

Adsense doesn't like cragistlist traffic too much, and I dont think I can even appeal for my account. So I guess I have to find other sources of ad network to generate traffic. I've been getting a few responses on whether I can generate traffic for their site. I am only doing this part time and blogging about the stuff I find, the procedure isn't really hard and I don't think I can charge money that way.

My next post will probably be up 2 weeks later, I am trying different ad network other than adsense.