Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The ebay's Classified Ads, Craigslist's Top Competitor Traffic

Craigslist have huge market in U.S, but not necessarily in other countries. These are some traffic and customers you might seek for if your service can help the foreign market. These craigslist competitors are a lot more popular than craigslist in some highly concentrated cities such as London, Ontario Canada, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, etc. Lets take a look at this chart from seeking alpha.

Majority of these aren't really popular in U.S, but they do extremely well internationally. Kajiji, Gumtree, Marktplaats, Slando, Lonquo and has just as much traffic as craigslist if you know how to sue it well. Kajiji and Gumtree consists of high quality traffic from Canada, England, Austrulia, Singapore that might turn into leads for your customers. if you do not speak their langauge, you can always use google translate or other online translation tool to make your ad in their langauge.

The problem with these eBay classified site is that you can not post more than 5 posts, and their tracking system as well as freedom is limited. You can not post your url, you can not post in their local area sometimes. So you'll have to highlight your url and expect users to link it themselves, and use a proxy server to get an ip thats in their country if there are problems posting. lets take a look at my stat.

Just about few weeks ago I barely had little direct traffic at all, but all of sudden I am able to gain 448 hits within short amount of time. Since I ran out of places to post on craigslist, having these traffic is always better than nothing. And of course, the very next traffic spot comes from

Hopefully this helps, I am busy recently on my job so I havn't been out there to seek for more traffic, but I've just got paid by adsense, which will give me some boost to search for more ways. Next topic I'll talk about SEO, I've found some rank 6 sites which you can post your link on. If you like this article please feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to detect and avoid Craigslist Ghosting Ban

Craigslist Ghosting, we all know it’s extremely annoying and we want avoid it, sometime we ask ourselves whether we are banned by craigslist or not, and when we go on search engine to search for a solution we get nothing but bunch of stuff that doesn't work. The only thing it ever tells us is that we need to change our ip, our email address and we need to post unique ads, but it never tells us how =)

The trick to see whether your ad is going to display is always attach a picture with it, after you post the ad go look at the link to see the ad, if you can't see the picture on your own post that means your post is ghosted, it will not be on top of the board. This is the information I searched all over the net and couldn't get a straight answer, and I've tested this out through trial and error.
Don't post your url in regular url format. when you post your url, make sure you don't get indexed by google, post url with a href = "" rel=nofollow This way will avoid people search for your url on google and report that you are spamming, because if you are listed for more than 20 cities on craigslist it’s pretty easy to spot out, that will get you banned.

I only post around 5 posts a day on craigslist about 1 topic, and that grants me around 400 to 500 constant traffic every day, I can also rotate the cities this way. Which means when I finish posting in all the targeted cities in a month, I can restart and people will not flag me down because it’s not really spamming. If you spam all the cities at once by next week you'll have no place to post, and you'll also run into problems where google adsense for receiving over 20,000 in a day, posting strategically will benefit you in long term.

Again, DO NOT SPAM CRAIGSLIST, DO NOT ABUSE THE SYSTEM. If you get banned or if craigslist take up the security measure we will all lose, if you want to know how to avoid getting flagged please visit here My next post will be few more places where I got my quick traffic as well as first step of SEO, it will also address some of my email messages that how to promote your site on craigslist.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Effective Unique Craigslist Posting

Craigslist's posts are decided by 4 things, category, content, time, and location. So how to get the best of each?

Category, certain category has more viewers than others depends on the area, real estate and service always seems to have a good traffic field in majority of the craigslist. Since you are looking at multiple cities, the amount of traffic is usually presented by amount of post in that category.

Content, my post is usually unique, but how? I go to one of the old detailed post that’s posted by someone else 15 days ago, change a few words and add my link to it, then post it in another city. This way the post usually stays on and won’t get flagged down because people "think" you are serious. I make sure my post very detailed and long, in the end I'll state that if you want to see more pictures or need more information please visit my website, this will avoid you getting flagged down because majority of them are looking for more information after reading the ads. In case you get flagged down, do not repost back right away because the person that flagged you down is probably browsing through craigslist, and if he sees your ad again, he'll flag you down again, so make a note and repost it back in 2 to 3 hours.

Time, Posting early in the morning on week days is usually good in real estate and job section; it gets a lot more hits than posting stuff in the afternoon. People go to work to look at the ads during the day. I usually make a new post in a new city every 30 minutes, and I make around 8 to 9 posts a day simply because I have no intention of getting banned, majority of the proxy server won't go through post, and other transparent proxies are useless, so DO NOT SPAM craigslist.

Location, you want to look like local on craigslist, whenever you post in a new city, do some research on their real estate section as well as google map, write down a general location that exist can avoid being flagged down, since your post is so detailed, your location is local, people think you are real.

My next post will be how to detect and counter ghosting by craigslist as well as some of the new quick traffic builder.

Ok, I've tried to learn how to get traffic as well as SEO, and majority of the sites gives nothing but junk, repeated content and list of places where you can sign up, yet they still have a pretty high PR because of the backlinks they got. It is very frustrating to find ways that works and I have no intention of creating another useless site like that, I am sharing my personal experience on this blog and hopefully it helps you, post a comment if you like it.

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The art of Maximum Craigslist Traffic

Craigslist, we all know it provides us huge amount of traffic, but how do you optimize it? How do you know you are getting the most traffic out of it? And how do you avoid being flagged down every time? This is where I started my journey on searching for traffic. I set up my website with Google Analytic so I can see where the traffic is coming from and where I need to work on.

1. You have to treat every visitor as customers, and the oldest form of sales is going through demographic, this way you'll have clear idea of which state is not generating traffic for you and specifically target that state's traffic with craigslist. I've gotten 242 hits from Alaska and over 1843 hits from California alone.

2. Go after the most populated Cities, I've basically did a wikipedia search on America's most populated city , and I’ve posted my ads from New York City all the way down to Witchta Kansas, this way I have a clear idea I am hitting the hardest part of the U.S population. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix are a must. There are several cities in Ohio that have huge population and they are not on front page of craigslist, making separate posts on those cities will grant you a lot of traffic. And after you are done with U.S, go hit up Canada's top populated city such as Toronto.

3. Third, target the craigslist population user. States like Vermont, Rhode Island doesn't have a concentrated population in a city, but their internet users are huge, targeting those states itself will get you a lot of traffic. On the other hand, there are states like West Virginia which wouldn't generate traffic at all simply because of lack of population and lack of internet users, which I won’t bother to post. Going through cities of craigslist, if there are not posts that means there is no demand, don’t bother with it.

As you can see, this is how I got over 10,000 hits from craigslist within 2 weeks. My next post will talk about how to make craigslist posts effective and how to prevent getting flagged down. If you think this post is helpful please leave a comment.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Where to get the traffic?

Traffic was my focus for past week or so, and since I am very new to SEO, the only way I can get traffic is promoting through forums and classified ads. So where do I get thousands of hits?

Mastering Craigslist gave me at least 7,000 hits within a week, just post ads across the popular cities, two to three cities everyday, my next blog will be revealing how I optimized craiglist.

Ebay's forum gave me 500 hits with 1 single post, just blend your link with a topic, bump it once or twice until everyone in the community goes to the link, then you can start posting that in another section that's related.

If you have a blog, post your political opinion about obama and get on top of the obama blog's comment, you'll receive about 100 hits per post, make sure express your opinion about obama while you do the commenting.

Digg gave me around 100 hits with 1 single post, which is kind of surprising because I've never even know that site until recently.
On my post "where to get foreign traffic" I'll explain how to get traffic from kajiji and gumtree. if you play MMORPG or wants to write an article about it, put your signature on forum will generate around 1000 hits easily if your article is about gaming, it is that popular

Google groups, for anything thats related to your site, you can get around 50 to 60 hits per post in a group.

Yahoo Answers and Live Answers, ask a ethical question with your site's link and you'll get around 100 hits per day for 3 days.

Digitalpoint forum, I haven’t really tried to post links there yet but I've always browsing their sites to see which one gives good ad management, so i am guessing it’s a good place to get hits.

Myspace classified ads as well as myspace forums, post a picture with your link attached to it will get you around 500 hits, when its done restart and do it again, there is also ways of engaging conversation in chatrooms and post your link, but thats too much effort.

I have a lot of other places to post because those are my expertise, such as forum or forum, but i am pretty sure you belong to a community forum as well, and posting there will get you bunch of hits without getting removed.

well, that's my first step of generating traffic, next step is learning SEO, leave a comment if you find this post useful =)

I am giving out the information to you guys without doing regular ebook form, so please consider making a donation on the right if you think this is blog is helpful.

After promoting the site everywhere

Well, as you could see, after promoting the site everywhere, my impression is bound to go down. So by now I am planning to make another page and doing exactly the same thing and get my traffic back, simply because I will be promoting another 1 content page website. My earning for this month so far is $438.45, for next few days it won't really make a lot of money simply because of the fact I ran out of places to promote it.

I've also starting to read some of the SEO techniques which generates a lot of hits from the search engine, and I am experimenting that with this blog, to see how fast I'll climb the rank system.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Generating Traffic for adsense

I've just started to use adsense and learning how to generate traffic, I am not trying to promote or sell anything, I am barely trying to learn myself. Today is June 6th, 2008, I have made around $315.68 so far with adsense in June. I work as a web developer for my fulltime job, and I am just trying to generate some extra cash with adsense.

First of all I am just generating internet traffics, I am not releasing the method until I am positive it complies with adsense TOS, but I'll keep you updated.
As you can see, almost the entire source came from referring site, this is the part where I am afraid of and need to do some research.
At last, this is a one page website with a lot of content, so the people who watch the site is likely to keep browsing, click on something and come back