Friday, June 6, 2008

Generating Traffic for adsense

I've just started to use adsense and learning how to generate traffic, I am not trying to promote or sell anything, I am barely trying to learn myself. Today is June 6th, 2008, I have made around $315.68 so far with adsense in June. I work as a web developer for my fulltime job, and I am just trying to generate some extra cash with adsense.

First of all I am just generating internet traffics, I am not releasing the method until I am positive it complies with adsense TOS, but I'll keep you updated.
As you can see, almost the entire source came from referring site, this is the part where I am afraid of and need to do some research.
At last, this is a one page website with a lot of content, so the people who watch the site is likely to keep browsing, click on something and come back



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