Friday, March 27, 2009

Get your site indexed on google right away!

I've just got a new job in November and have been working pretty hard lately, so I haven't had time to experiment with SEO for past couple of month. After few month, I've found some of the old techniques I use to use aren't really working anymore. Digg and many other bookmarking site started to used re="nofollow" on their comments, so its useless if to post the link and hope for search engine to pick it up.

If you just started the website, here is the procedure to get it indexed on google on first day.
  1. Submit your website on
  2. Submit your website on make sure you give an temporary email address and confirm on these.
  3. digg it, reddit, blink it, mixx it and if you can, buzz it
  4. Go to some unpopular catagories on craigslist, make some classified ads with link attached to it. Since its in unpopular category, its very to get itself removed.
  5. Claim your website on google webmasters and submit your sitemap.
This should get your site indexed on google's page within few hours. Feel free to ask questions

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Traffic and Utility

Recently I've done some research for the sites, but majority fo the sites that hordes traffic has no utility whats so ever. Backlinks and many others, and a lot of times its just for sake of SEO. I think google needs to rethink about all the junk articles on ezinearticles thats being rated, most of them are simply trying to horde traffic.

What's really sad is that news site offers same stories over and over....