Monday, June 9, 2008

After promoting the site everywhere

Well, as you could see, after promoting the site everywhere, my impression is bound to go down. So by now I am planning to make another page and doing exactly the same thing and get my traffic back, simply because I will be promoting another 1 content page website. My earning for this month so far is $438.45, for next few days it won't really make a lot of money simply because of the fact I ran out of places to promote it.

I've also starting to read some of the SEO techniques which generates a lot of hits from the search engine, and I am experimenting that with this blog, to see how fast I'll climb the rank system.


Tips Websites said...

could you tell me how did you do that??
post your site link on forums, and sites? or you buy ads?

Nyceane said...

I just posted where I got my traffic on the very next post. I post ads on craigslist, I post 1 post on ebay, I post 1 post on other high traffic forums, and I put my signature with my link if I actually participate in the forum

vijai said...

thank u for ur kind ness upon inter net users can u giv any details about the submission of blog through link building and thriugh seo please.