Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to detect and avoid Craigslist Ghosting Ban

Craigslist Ghosting, we all know it’s extremely annoying and we want avoid it, sometime we ask ourselves whether we are banned by craigslist or not, and when we go on search engine to search for a solution we get nothing but bunch of stuff that doesn't work. The only thing it ever tells us is that we need to change our ip, our email address and we need to post unique ads, but it never tells us how =)

The trick to see whether your ad is going to display is always attach a picture with it, after you post the ad go look at the link to see the ad, if you can't see the picture on your own post that means your post is ghosted, it will not be on top of the board. This is the information I searched all over the net and couldn't get a straight answer, and I've tested this out through trial and error.
Don't post your url in regular url format. when you post your url, make sure you don't get indexed by google, post url with a href = "www.example.com" rel=nofollow This way will avoid people search for your url on google and report that you are spamming, because if you are listed for more than 20 cities on craigslist it’s pretty easy to spot out, that will get you banned.

I only post around 5 posts a day on craigslist about 1 topic, and that grants me around 400 to 500 constant traffic every day, I can also rotate the cities this way. Which means when I finish posting in all the targeted cities in a month, I can restart and people will not flag me down because it’s not really spamming. If you spam all the cities at once by next week you'll have no place to post, and you'll also run into problems where google adsense for receiving over 20,000 in a day, posting strategically will benefit you in long term.

Again, DO NOT SPAM CRAIGSLIST, DO NOT ABUSE THE SYSTEM. If you get banned or if craigslist take up the security measure we will all lose, if you want to know how to avoid getting flagged please visit here My next post will be few more places where I got my quick traffic as well as first step of SEO, it will also address some of my email messages that how to promote your site on craigslist.

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A said...

I live in europe that means i dont have US ip.. So i cant post to craigslist.. What to i have to do to post there? I have read that proxyes dont work with CL..

Nyceane said...

The regular anonymous wouldn't work, only elite class proxy would. I have same problem posting on gumtree in Austrulia as well as Europe due to lack of elite class proxies.

Another good way is that you can go to chatroom and get other people to post for you, and in exchange you'll post on gumtree for them.

dee said...

Thanks for the post. I appreciate your "no spamming" idea. It should not be done anywhere.

Search Entire Craigslist said...

I don't agree with you regarding use of rel=nofollow . It will not help at all to avoid flagging. rel=nofollow means that the destination URL will not be crawled by SEs but the URL will be still considered as text of the containing page and if we search with any part of the URL then the page containing the URL with nofollow attribute still may appear on search result.

Thanks anyway for the good tips.

Following post may be of your interest:
How to avoid flagging/ghosting on craigslist

Thanks again.

TossableDigits said...

Another way to avoid being Ghosted by Craigslist while still getting phone calls on your ads is to use temporary, disposable Virtual Phone Numbers. They allow you to get a new phone number anywhere that rings on your real phone. You get the calls, and Craigslist can ban phone numbers but you can just get new ones. http://www.TossableDigits.com/

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Ronald said...

Learn how to write an article, you will have the ability write unique articles to avoid craigslist ghosting ban.

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Frank said...

Interesting post but rather short. There are actually a lot of things you can do to avoid ghosting. I too have done a lot of internet searching and the best place I have found so far that lists everything is at www.howtobeatcraigslist.tk everyone should check it out.

ronmojohny said...

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Anonymous said...

The best way to tell CL that we hate their dirty ghosting trick implemented on innocent posters is to stop using their services and switch to their competitors such as backpage.com, ebayclassifieds.com, etc.

Let money speak.

Cris May said...


I post ads regularly on numerous classifieds and I've been very good at it for a long time.

But over the last year or so with all the changes Craigslist has made I was really struggling with the "Gran Daddy of 'em all"

But it all got turned around when a good friend of mine introduced me to this cutting edge method to conquer frequent flagging and ghosting on Craigslist.

I'm so glad I listened to her. Now I have my Craigslist posting mojo back! My ads are mostly all live and the leads are flowing in again.

Ask me how!

Cris May
Entrepreneur & Ad Posting Expert

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